Our Editorial Process

The Moss Lane team is comprised of seasoned content professionals who specialize in synthesizing large amounts of research to identify leading products and services.


Moss Lane started from a buying rubric we were using in our personal lives to make it easier to find better, greener products.

We begin this process by creating a master list of products that meet certain standards in the category we’re reviewing. For example, depending on the lens we’re looking through, we may emphasize sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, or organic, although these are all considerations in every review. You can think of this as establishing a group of contenders that fit our threshold for “how green” a product is, with an emphasis on ingredients, manufacturing, and packaging.

Following this, it really comes down to quality. Our researchers comb through the data to find the top reviewed, highest performing products in each respective category. This includes activities such as extensively reading reviews, reaching out to friends and family for personal experiences, and referencing our own experience with these products. This is where we are able to establish “how good” a product is and finalize our set of recommendations.

In each of our product guides, we outline our research methodology for that specific category. It is a transparent way for you to understand how we got to our results. Our top picks are based on the results of this research alone and not influenced by any commercial relationships we may have.

Unique Criteria

For each of our recommendations, you’ll sometimes find we include a set of bonus categories. This acknowledges the work these companies are doing beyond creating good, green products. These highlight things that may be important for you to support as a consumer, such as women-owned businesses or products made in the USA. We also recognize any eco-oriented certifications, highlighting a few of our favorites and listing all others in case there are some you prefer to look for while shopping.

We pride ourselves on the hours we put into our research and feel it’s our job to do this work so you don’t have to.


Once our articles or product guides are complete, they’re continually updated to ensure information is current and fact-checked for any recent changes and we aren’t missing any new products that should be considered.

If you ever disagree with a rating or review, please do let us know at hello@mosslane.com. We feel strongly that we’re learning together, and every experience is a factor in our ongoing research.

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