The Best Vegan Condoms for Safe, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Sex

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There’s a lot of work to be done to help people prioritize sustainable, cruelty-free, or vegan consumption. Add to that a touch of taboo, and you’ve got a woefully under-discussed topic: vegan condoms.

Effective contraception is paramount. Millions of consumers place trust in condoms to perform and minimize margin of error, a trust that’s rightfully hard won by long-standing brands. Each week, though, there seems to be a new brand coming out with condoms that cover both contraception and vegan and environmental ideals. But, with the stakes so high, how do you know where to begin in determining trustworthy brands?

We’ve rounded up the best vegan condoms on the market today.

Best Vegan Condoms



This was an easy one, as GLYDE seems to tick nearly every box of ideal consumption. A Certified B Corporation established in 1990, GLYDE condoms are non-toxic, ethical, vegan and fair-trade; they’re compliant with all production, safety and testing standards both domestically and internationally to the point that they’re approved by the ISO, FDA and CE as a manufacturer of safe medical devices.

They’re also certified vegan by The Vegan Society and woman-owned. GLYDE condoms are non-GMO, use oat powder instead of talc, a known carcinogen, and are made with zero glycerin or parabens. They also double-wash their condoms to eliminate any residue, latex taste or odor. But if you are looking for a nice taste, GLYDE has flavored condoms too, because of course they do!

GLYDE also takes the cake in a couple other categories, too—best oral vegan condom and best female vegan condom.

More Vegan Condoms We Love

Best Latex-Free Vegan Condom




Real Feel Avanti Bare Polyisoprene Non-Latex Condoms

It took a while for a condom that’s both vegan and latex-free to hit the market, but Durex’s Avanti line solved that with their polyisoprene condoms. While the material is not environmentally friendly, there is no doubt one (or many) of the companies featured in this article are working toward a condom that provides all three: a vegan, latex-free free product that’s also sustainable.

Best Vegan Condom Packaging


Best Packaging


“We decided to design a package that you no longer have to camouflage with a chip bag – einhorn condoms come in a chip bag instead.” 

Seriously, each of einhorn’s packages and wrappers look like a collector’s item. They’re all different, featuring things like zoomed in photographs of French fries and graphics that look like they were ripped out of a comic illustrator’s sketchbook.

The company uses good word economy when describing their ethos, using “fairstainability” to sum up their production values. einhorn believes that their purpose is bigger than collecting different certifications and eco-labels, but to actually integrate “fairstainabile” criteria to an einhorn condom’s whole life cycle from latex plantation to customer. The company acknowledges that’s a long-term, big goal but they’re committed to taking it step by step to enrich everything from working conditions to biodiversity and to keep pesticides and CO2 emissions low.

Also Great Vegan Condom Packaging


Also Great Packaging


It’d be a shame not to mention Lovability’s adorable buttercup packaging, tins that are somehow both unicorn-colored and discreet. Truly, it looks like a compact from Too Faced (a cruelty-free, vegan makeup company) and all of the packaging is 100% recyclable. Of course, the condoms are also made up of all-natural, vegan latex.

Best Vegan Condom for Philanthropic Shopping

b condoms


b condoms

These sleek, triple-tested black condoms are vegan, odor and paraben-free and come generously lubricated.

b condoms are “made for the culture by the culture” and the company works hard to improve communities of color across the U.S. by partnering with non-profits and donating thousands of condoms.

The b condoms team says it best: “We not only make the world’s best condoms, but through focused action in the Black community, we work to end health disparities and create healthier life styles for our people.”

More Vegan Condoms for Philanthropic Shopping



Sustain Natural

Sustain Natural condoms are fair-trade, gluten-free, paraben-free, non-toxic, nitrosamine-free, non-GMO and cleared by the FDA. That’s a lot of great hyphenates! The company has also worked to minimize odor. Since its inception, Sustain Natural has prioritized the safety and health of women by creating 10%4Women, an in-house program that donates 10% of profits to women’s health initiatives to organizations like Planned Parenthood to provide access to reproductive healthcare and family planning services for low-income women in the U.S.

Best Vegan Condom for the Environment




ONE absolutely takes the cake on environmental consciousness in the condom realm. Their products are vegan and non-GMO, and their all-natural rubber latex is made with their proprietary Sensatex® Softer Latex tech to increase pleasure. ONE’s condoms don’t contain gluten, parabens, spermicide, flavors, Nonoxynol-9, glycerin, fragrances or, of course, any animal products. The company itself takes pride in taking care of sexual wellness and the planet simultaneously.

For instance, their paper packaging tube is made from 100% recycled material, completely plastic free. ONE takes things a step further in their sustainable factory, considering water and emissions to the point of being accredited with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems and ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems. ONE’s core ethos is rooted in the simple idea of people moving through the world with respect, understanding, openness and inclusion. They believe progress toward a healthy society is made through positive conversation and educated decisions, especially for all things sex-related. Frankly, ONE is more than a condom manufacturer, but a call to action.

More Vegan Condoms for the Environment




Releaf takes the “buy one get one” idea and applies it to nature: for every one of their vegan, fair-trade condoms purchased, one tree is planted, and to date they’ve already planted 334,423 trees. Planting trees in the right places is one of the most effective routes to fight climate change, and Releaf is prioritizing that charge.




Sealed provides another opportunity to vote with our dollars by giving back to the planet in tandem with product consumption. With every purchase, Sealed donates a percentage of proceeds to various oceanic organizations. Their condoms are made without chemicals, casein (that sneaky milk protein that is so often in mainstream condoms), talc, parabens or spermicide, all of which are harmful to the environment. Sealed also prioritizes using low-odor latex for their condoms, which are also each individually tested electronically. Important to note: the condom wrapper also has a very cute seal silhouette on it.

Best Vegan Condom Subscription Service


Best Subscription


Triple-tested and made without chemicals, spermicide or fragrance, maude condoms are composed of 100% natural latex. They also come in that easy-to-open buttercup packaging, so you don’t have to struggle with it or wonder which side is “up.” maude condoms are vegan ad free of gluten, parabens and glycerin. They’re FDA-approved as a Class II medical device and are 510(K) cleared. The company also produces condoms in the world’s top factory known for turning out award-winning condoms for more than 20 years. Last, subscribing to maude products saves you 10%. 

Another Great Vegan Condom Subscription Service




LOLA condoms are made with medical-grade silicon and all-natural latex and are vegan, cruelty-free and made without parabens or gluten. LOLA also ditches any kind of synthetic flavors which minimizes the possibility of allergic reaction on the skin. Best of all, LOLA condoms are available for subscription along with all of their other feminine products. Last but most certainly not least, LOLA is woman-founded and has donated more than five million products to women in need.

Best Vegan Condom for Texture


best texture


The LELO HEX hexagonal design’s purpose is two-fold: it prevents slippage while also creating pleasurable sensation. The condoms are composed of all-natural latex and are lightly lubricated with silicone oil in a water-base. HEX condoms are also made without parabens, glycerin, Nonoxynol-9, benzocaine, lidocaine, nitrosamine, casein and spermicide. LELO HEX prioritizes all types of ethical production, including that without animal byproducts or testing, making their condoms 100% vegan. 

Best Woman-Focused Vegan Condom


best woman-focused

sex and good.

Designed with vaginas in mind, sex and good. condoms have all the other elements so many vegan, non-toxic condoms tout but are made particularly for women. Partnered with well-established, trusted condom manufacturers, sex and good. condoms are softer than most and, most importantly, are conscious of hormonal upset caused by chemicals so often in condoms. sex and good. are free of parabens, fragrance, color, paraffins, talc, benzocaine, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, gluten or Nonoxynol-9.

Best Budget Vegan Condom

Also available for subscription, Cake condoms come in happy-colored boxes and are composed of natural rubber latex with silicone lubricant and are free of corn starch, hormones, glycerin, fragrance, BPA and spermicide. They shake out to a dollar apiece, an affordable price for a good product that also accommodates your values as a consumer.

Vegan Condom Shopping Guide

Let’s take a quick step back to review the basic guideposts for considering consumption of the best vegan condoms. 

In terms of ethics, PETA’s official definition reads that “a vegan (strict vegetarian) does not consume […] any product derived from an animal.” In regards to confirming safety and effectiveness for medical devices such as condoms and other sexual wellness products, there are many organizations one can look to when determining what to buy, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Conformitè Europëenne (CE, Europe’s answer to the FDA). Most important of all is to consult your doctor to discuss what’s right for you. 

You might be thinking, “Wait. Condoms aren’t vegan?” Well, lambskin is self-explanatory, but lesser known is that latex condoms often contain casein, a dairy-based ingredient (and the reason condoms have “that smell”).

Latex is vegan but doesn’t break down in water, and lambskin isn’t vegan or cruelty-free while also not protective against STIs or HIV. Additionally, you’d be hard-pressed to find a condom 100% composed of these materials and nothing else, hindering the concept of complete biodegradability. Another common material is polyurethane which, while vegan, is plastic and doesn’t break down at all. So, latex is okay if you don’t have an allergy. Lambskin is good for those with a latex allergy, but doesn’t protect against STIs and HIV and isn’t vegan. Polyurethane is vegan and good for those with a latex allergy and for protection against STIs and HIV, but it doesn’t break down.

Before the shopping begins, think about and prioritize what matters most to you so that you’re able to identify the best vegan condoms for you.

Our Research Process

When researching the best vegan condoms, we considered certifications and stamps of approval from PETA, ISO, FDA, CE, and The Vegan Society. We also considered other environmental, social, and sustainability measures various vegan condom brands are using so that you can feel good about the company you’re supporting. In the end, we considered the following brands.

  1. Branch Basics
  1. b condoms
  2. Bleü 
  3. Cake
  4. Champ
  5. Durex
  6. einhorn
  7. Eve
  8. Fair Squared
  9. GLYDE 
  10. Hanx
  11. Kimono
  12. L.
  13. Lelo Hex
  14. Lifestyles Skyn
  15. Lola
  16. Lovability
  17. maude
  18. Mein Kondome
  19. My.size
  20. ONE
  21. Okamoto
  22. P.S.
  23. Pasante
  24. Promescent
  25. Releaf
  26. Royal
  27. RFSU
  28. Sealed
  29. sex and good.
  30. Sir Richard’s
  31. Sustain Natural
  32. Trojan

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