Best Organic Sheets: Cotton, Bamboo, and More for Every Bed Size

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Hitting the sheets every night should be a time to rest and detox. But your conventional bed sheets could be doing more to harm your health than restore it. 

The chemicals added to conventional sheets for convenience (like formaldehyde for wrinkle-free sheets) are linked to skin irritation, respiratory issues, and even cancer. 

More and more people are turning to organic bed sheets to feel good about what they lay down on every night. If you’re buying certified organic bed sheets, you know you’re avoiding harmful toxins like pesticides, fertilizers, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. 

We rounded up the best organic sheets of all types—from cotton to bamboo to eucalyptus—below. 

Best Overall Organic Sheets


Coyuchi Organic Cotton Percale Sheets

Coyuchi’s certified organic cotton sheets are a well-loved option that you can feel confident are completely safe for your home. They’re made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and are one of the few organic bed sheets sets that are Made Safe certified. They’re also Fair Trade certified and 1% for the Planet participants, and we love their Green Story analysis that tells consumers the exact lifecycle impact of their organic cotton sheets. 

The organic percale sheet set is a 300 thread count option that starts at $198 for the organic twin sheet set. The percale is woven to be crisp, cool, lightweight, and breathable.  

What customers Love

  • Crisp, cool feeling that keeps hot sleepers cool at night.
  • High quality sheets that maintain their shape. 

What customers Don’t Love

  • Takes a few washes to break the sheets in. 
  • Some customers wish they were slightly softer. 

Other Organic Sheets We Love by Material

Best Budget Organic Sheets


Best Budget

Under the Canopy

Organic Cotton Bedding Collection


  • 300 thread count weave with a soft sateen feeling
  • GOTS-certified organic, GMO-free, and OEKO-TEX certified

Quality organic sheet sets can be hard to find at low prices. Most of the certified organic and safe brands are relatively expensive. If you’re shopping on a budget, Under the Canopy is a great option for organic sheets. 

They have a relatively limited offering, but the 300 thread count organic Italian hemstitch sheet sets get great reviews. The sheet sets are a soft sateen feeling. They’re made with 100% organic cotton, no GMOs, and they’re OEKO-TEX certified—meaning there are no traces of harmful substances found in the product. We also love that this brand is Forest Stewardship Council certified, and their textiles carry the WEL-TRAK™ label—so they’re products (and their safety and environmental impact) can be traced throughout their whole lifecycle.  

What customers love

  • Really good quality for the price. 
  • Cool and soft feeling that keeps getting softer with washes.

what customers don’t love

  • Some customers report that the pillowcase seams started to tear after a few months.

Another Great Budget Organic Sheet Set



Whisper Organics

100% Organic Cotton Sheets


  • GOTS-certified cotton free of chemicals and dyes.
  • 300 thread count weave

For less than $100, Whisper Organics offers another great budget organic sheet set. Their sheets are made with 100% GOTS-certified cotton, and are free of harmful chemicals and dyes. 

The organic cotton sheets are a tightly-woven 300 thread count sheet that’s durable and soft – the finish is a bit more like a sateen sheet. They get great reviews on Amazon, and customers love how soft they are and how well they fit big mattresses. 

Best Organic Bamboo Sheets


Best Organic Bamboo


Signature Sateen Sheet Set


  • Softer and silkier than cotton
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Certified B Corp

People love organic bamboo sheets because they can be softer and silkier than cotton. If you prefer bamboo, Ettitude offers the best organic bamboo sheets available. 

Ettitude’s Signature Sateen Sheet Set is made with 100% organic bamboo that feels just like silk and has a breathable weave for a cooling effect. Their organic bamboo sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, hypoallergenic, and free from harmful chemicals. 

They also claim that their bamboo sheet set uses 500 times less water and produces 52% less CO2 than conventional cotton. We also love that the brand has put out a 2020 sustainability impact report with Clean Agency, documenting their efforts to become a certified B corp, their commitments to become climate neutral certified, and their launch of their new textile recycling program. 

Another Great Organic Bamboo Sheet Set


Organic Bamboo

Cozy Earth

Bamboo Sheet Set


  • Made with certified organic bamboo
  • Hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and dye-free

Another great option for organic bamboo sheets is Cozy Earth. Made from certified organic bamboo, the Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set is hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and dye-free. 

The sheets are made to be incredibly soft, lightweight, and temperature-regulating. Customers claim that these are the softest bamboo sheets they’ve found, and they love that they come with a 10-year warranty. 

One downside is the price, however, as these luxury organic bamboo sheets are a bit more expensive than others on the market. 

Best Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets


Best Luxury


Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets


  • GOTS, MADE SAFE, and OEKO-TEX certified
  • Strong, sateen finish that’s incredibly strong and durable

If you’re okay shelling out a bit more money, Avocado’s organic cotton sheets are worth the splurge. 

These sheets are GOTS-certified organic, Made Safe certified, PETA-certified vegan, and  OEKO-TEX certified. They claim that the Indian Suvin cotton they’re made with is one of the finest and rarest cottons in the world. The result is in a strong, sateen finish. Customers claim that they are incredibly soft and well worth the luxury price. 

We also love that this brand is committed to sustainability, achieving a certified B corp status. They purchase their organic cotton directly from family growers to ensure 100% traceability, they produce their products in a 100% windmill-powered factory, and claim that their manufacturing process uses 12% of the water and 17% of the energy used to create conventional sheets. 

Best Organic Percale Cotton Sheets


Best Organic Percale

SOL Organics

Crisp Percale Organic Sheets


  • GOTS and Fair Trade certified cotton
  • Temperature regulating

SOL Organics’s Crisp Percale Organic Sheets are a great option for organic sheets with a lightweight, crisp feeling. They’re made with 100% GOTS-certified cotton, they’re certified Fair Trade, and they offer carbon-neutral shipping. We also love the extent to which this brand worked to find and support a FLO-certified factory to ensure sustainability in their manufacturing processes. 

These sheets get 200+ 5-star reviews. Customers love the temperature regulating nature of these sheets, and the fact that they’re priced fairly well for a high-quality product ($149 for their organic cotton queen sheet set). 

Best Organic Linen Sheets 


Best Organic Linen


Parisian Organic French Linen Bed Sheets


  • 100% organically grown, unbleached, and undyed French flax linen

Rawganique’s Parisian Organic French Linen sheets are a sturdy, rustic, but soft option for organic cotton bed sheets. They’re made with 100% organically grown French flax linen, and are unbleached, undyed, and free of chemicals like formaldehyde and flame retardants. 

Rawganique is a small-scale organic cotton, linen, and hemp textile brand out of Denman Island in British Columbia. Early on, they manufactured primarily in Europe, which has much stricter environmental and product-safety standards. They’re a great brand to trust for non-toxic, safe organic cotton products. They’re linen sheets don’t have many reviews, but their organic cotton sheets are all well-loved. 

Best Organic Silk Sheets Alternative


Best Organic Silk Alternative


Eucalyptus Tencel Classic Sheet Set


  • Made out of 100% tencel fibers for a soft, silky weave
  • OEKO-TEX certified

Looking for organic silk sheets but want to buy a more environmentally-friendly and ethical option? Turn to Tencel, a silk-alternative that’s made out of “tree-fiber” (a wood pulp from trees like eucalyptus, beech, or birch trees). 

We like Eucalypso as an organic silk sheets alternative. Their organic eucalyptus sheets are made out of 100% tencel fibers, and are OEKO-TEX certified to be free of harmful chemicals. They also create their sheets in a closed-loop process, ensuring that 99.9% of all water and solvents are recycled.

Their fabric is soft, silky, and lightweight, and is a great moisture-wicking option for warm sleepers. 

Best Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets


Best Organic Flannel

Boll & Branch

Organic Flannel Sheet Set


  • GOTS, Fair Trade, and OEKO-TEX certified
  • Cozy, dense, and soft weave best for cold sleepers

Boll & Branch is a well-known brand in the organic sheet space, and all their organic cotton sheets get great reviews. But if you’re looking for organic flannel sheets, their sheet set is one of the best on the market. 

These organic flannel sheets are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton from Portugal. Their cotton is also Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX certified. We also love this brand’s commitment to eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable manufacturing processes—like their efforts to pay farmers a premium to earn a living wage, and their commitment to carbon-friendly shipping practices. 

The Boll & Branch organic flannel sheets are cozy, with a dense and soft texture. They’re best for cold-sleepers. They get 900+ reviews for an overall 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers love how cozy and warm they are, but the fact that they’re still breathable. 

Best Organic Sateen Sheets


Best Organic Sateen


Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set


  • GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • 300 thread count weave that’s lightweight, soft, and breathable

Sateen is a great option for a soft, smooth organic cotton sheet. We love Plushbed’s organic cotton sateen sheet set, made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Their sheets are 300 thread count, lightweight, soft, and breathable. Users love how soft they are compared to other organic cotton sheets. 

We love that this brand not only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, but is also GREENGUARD Gold certified to have low chemical emissions. They hold their products to incredibly high health standards, but are also committed to having sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes. 

Best Jersey Organic Cotton Sheets


Best Organic Jersey


Favorite Tee Sheet Set


  • GOTS and Fair Trade certified
  • Super soft, cozy, and has a stretch

Pact is a bit better known for their organic cotton clothing, but they’ve made sheets out of their well-loved organic cotton tee. 

If you’re looking for a jersey organic cotton set, Pact is a great option. Their sheets are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton jersey, are free of toxic chemicals, and are Fair Trade certified. We also love that this brand has a carbon-offset shipping program, a clothing recycling program, and is putting in work to minimize their packaging lifecycle footprint. 

The favorite tee sheets are super soft, cozy, and come with a bit of stretch. They get great reviews, and users love that their stretch allows them to fit over really thick mattresses. 

Best Organic Sheets Made in the USA


Best Made in the USA

American Blossom Linens

Classic Organic Cotton Sheets


  • Made with organic, chemical-free cotton farmed in West Texas
  • Crisp, cool, and durable

Lots of organic cotton sheets are made in India, due to the country’s low price of cotton. If you’re willing to spend a bit more to support a 100% made in the USA brand, American Blossoms Linens offers great organic sheet sets. 

Their classic organic sheets are made with organic, chemical free cotton farmed in West Texas. Their weaving, sewing, and finishing is done in a variety of factories in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

These sheets are well-loved with over 500 5-star reviews. They’re a great option if you want a durable, slightly heavier sheet that’s still crisp and cooling like a percale sheet is. 

Other Organic Bed Sheets to Consider

If the above brands aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we also encourage these brands as a great choice:

Happsy Organic Cotton Sheets

This organic cotton bed sheets brand holds a variety of reputable certifications and commitments, like GOTS, Forest Stewardship Council, Made Safe, and 1% for the Planet.

You can trust that their sheets are safe and made without harmful chemicals and dyes. Customers love the fact that they’re soft and great quality.  

Elkie & Ark Organic Cotton Sheets

Elkie & Ark is an Australia-based certified B Corp that offers great organic bed sheets made with Fair Trade organic cotton. We love that they were a B Corp “Best in a World” honoree. 

Customers give these organic cotton sheets really good reviews, and love that they are soft, lightweight, and high quality. 

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Sheets

Naturepedic is better known for their organic mattresses, but offers well-reviewed organic cotton bed sheets too. The brand holds a variety of certifications, like Made Safe, GOTS, GreenGuard, and 1% for the Planet. 

Costumers love that they’re high quality sheets and that they’re confident they’re made without toxins. 

Our Research Process

We started our search for the best organic sheets by understanding all the textiles available to produce organic sheets. 

For pure cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, and tencel, we researched which materials were considered environmentally friendly, and which were not. We also considered which certifications are reputable and prominent in the organic bed sheet space, like—GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Made Safe. 

We also wanted to understand what harmful chemicals to avoid when you buy organic cotton sheets, and what you still might want to watch out for—like synthetic dyes that could be harmful. With all of the above organic bed sheet options, you’re avoiding cotton grown with synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, and lots of the brands don’t use synthetic dyes. 

When we knew what materials to look for and what to avoid, we turned to the brands. We found the best-reviewed brands in each category of organic bed sheets you might be looking for, and we rewarded brands that we felt were going the extra mile in their environmental and sustainable practices. 

In the end, we considered these brands:

  1. Magnolia Organics
  2. Pottery Barn
  3. Threshold Organic
  4. Avocado
  5. Coyuchi
  6. L.L. Bean
  7. Boll & Branch
  8. SOL Organics
  9. Happsy
  10. Naturepedic
  11. Ettitude
  12. Nest
  13. West Elm
  14. Buffy
  15. The Company Store
  16. Under the Canopy
  17. Elkie and Ark
  18. Plover Organics
  19. Target
  20. Cariloha
  21. Looma
  22. Plushbeds
  23. Rawganique
  24. Sleep & Beyond
  25. Savvy Rest
  26. Snowe
  27. Pact
  28. Alterra Pure
  29. Saatva
  30. Eucalypso
  31. Cozy Earth
  32. Bed Threads
  33. Whisper Organic
  34. Sijo Home
  35. Quince
  36. Organics and More

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