The 5 Best Organic Condoms in 2022

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When it comes to embracing eco-friendly and non-toxic options in your life, people tend to start with their kitchen or their bathroom, forgetting one of the most important spots in their home: the bedroom. Organic condoms and other natural intimacy products such as lubricants or cleansing wipes ensure you can have safe, secure sex that is good for both your body and the environment.

But when it comes to choosing a product you’ll insert into a sensitive area of your body, there are many factors to consider. Sorting through them all can quickly feel overwhelming: Latex or synthetic? What protects best against STIs or pregnancy? How will they feel

While it’s impossible for a latex condom to be certified organic (more on that later), the past decade or so has seen an explosion in the market demand for chemical-free, vegan, non-toxic, and natural condoms. There are many companies committed to protecting your and your partner’s body better than outdated drugstore brands can—without compromising on pleasure.

Best Overall Organic Condoms


GLYDE Ethical Vegan Fair Trade Condoms

Sometimes you simply can’t beat the original. Established in 1990, GLYDE was the first-ever certified non-toxic, ethical, and fair-trade condom company. Today, it continues to provide the only condom certified by the Vegan Society. Even better, it’s also certified by PETA’s Caring Consumer Program, Ethiquette, and the Green Business Network.

We like GLYDE condoms because they’re cruelty-free vegan condoms made with sustainable latex. That means GLYDE condoms are completely free of animal byproducts, and the company sources its latex from rubber trees local to its manufacturers. GLYDE doesn’t use child labor, and the company pays fair wages in its factories.

But what about the condoms themselves? GLYDE condoms are triple-tested for safety, thin but durable, and free of known carcinogens, additives, or other harmful chemicals. Unlike some of the other companies on our list, they’ve been around long enough to develop a robust product line—multiple sizes, organic flavors (if you want them), as well as other sexual health products like oral dams. Also, these condoms come with a three-year shelf life and are relatively easy to find online and in-store.

One last point that puts GLYDE’s natural condoms at the top of the list. You can feel good about spending money with this company. They’re a woman-owned company that partners with multiple organizations out to promote social and sexual wellness through HIV prevention, the reduction of childbirth deaths, floating doctors programs, and more.

What Customers Love

  • Many customers report these condoms are even more durable than their old “traditional” brands.
  • They feel—and when flavored, taste—great!
  • GLYDE vegan condoms don’t have that nasty latex smell. (You know the one we mean.) Repeatedly, customers say they are odorless.

What Customers Don’t Love

  • Some customers were unimpressed with the amount of lubricant on the condoms and described them as dry.
  • While the condoms come in multiple sizes, many buyers reported that they run a bit small, describing them as “tight.”

Best Vegan Condoms for Latex Allergies


Unique Condoms

While GLYDE (and several other companies on this list) share that customers with mild latex allergies can use their products with success, if you have a moderate or severe latex allergy, you’ll need a truly latex-free non-toxic condom. 

Lambskin condoms, as their name suggests, are not vegan or cruelty-free. What’s more, this style of condom can be too porous to protect against certain STIs, especially viruses like HIV or HPV. For this reason, we do not recommend purchasing lambskin condoms.

Instead, we recommend Unique condoms, a latex-free, hypoallergenic, vegan condom made with a polyethylene synthetic resin. Unique reports to make the thinnest condoms in the world while still ensuring they are three times stronger than latex and as effective as protection against STIs and pregnancy.

Unique is proud to report it produces its condoms in small batches in Colombia. Unfortunately, this means they are hard to find (even online) and are more expensive per unit than other natural condoms on the list. If you need a latex-free non-toxic condom, buy Unique direct but purchase in bulk and allow for additional time for shipping.

What Customers Love

  • Customers say Unique condoms are top-notch for pleasure and report they don’t feel like they are wearing a condom at all.
  • Again, customers say you can trust this product is odor-free.

What Customers Don’t Love

  • They’re hard to find online.

Other Natural and Organic Condoms We Love

Sustain Natural Condoms


Sustain Natural Condoms

Sustain makes fair-trade, vegan condoms in multiple sizes with organic, aloe enriched, water-based lubricant. They are certified by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. Like GLYDE, the rubber latex is made sustainably, and Sustain reports its condoms are made in an award-winning eco-friendly manufacturing plant.

This is another women-led brand on our list and the product line and mission reflect that. One percent of every Sustain purchase goes to its 1%4Women fund that supports women’s health organizations in the U.S. What’s more, in addition to sex products, Sustain is known for period products as well (if you need them and are looking for a one-stop-shop). The company partners with Grove Collaborative, a Certified B Corp, which can be convenient if you’re looking to place a single order for eco-friendly products in multiple areas of your home.

Lovability Natural Condoms


Lovability Natural Condoms

Lovability’s non-toxic condoms are made from 100 percent natural vegan latex, with a silicone oil lubricant. The company focuses on body safety—its condoms, like many on this list, are free of spermicide, dyes, fragrances, or other irritating chemicals. The condoms are made in an FDA-approved factory using locally sourced rubber. Bonus: they have a shelf life of five years, longer than some of our other picks.

Lovability’s natural condoms stand out from some of the other companies on the list because of their clever no-tear packaging made of recyclable paper with bag-friendly tins for storing them. A condom company that manages to reduce waste where it can? We’re on board.

LOLA Natural Condoms


LOLA Natural Condoms

If you have a period, it’s possible you’ve heard of LOLA before, as the company is more traditionally known for its organic cotton tampons. Now branching out into other period and sex products, LOLA’s ultra-thin vegan, gluten-free natural latex condoms are the only ones on the list that market themselves as gynecologist approved.

LOLA has a mission to give back, though it focuses its philanthropy on period products. LOLA works with Period Equity, a law and policy organization, in the fight to end the discriminatory tampon tax. In addition, they’ve donated over 6 million period products through partner organizations like I Support the Girls.

The Natural Condom Buying Guide 

When searching for non-toxic condoms that are better for your body and better for the environment, it can be difficult to sort through marketing gimmicks to get to the heart of what a condom needs—and what it doesn’t—to meet your requirements without getting in the way of its effectiveness. 

Know that condoms are heavily regulated—the FDA classifies condoms as a Class II medical device. Any latex condom that is FDA approved has already been tested for its durability and ability to protect its users. Beyond FDA approval, however, what makes one condom better than another on the shelf?

First, Latex Condoms Aren’t Organic

You’ll note that not a single company on our list makes condoms that are certified organic. That’s because there is no organic-certifying body that certifies latex. So while these condoms may have organic ingredients (in, say, their lubricant), organic condoms don’t really exist.

Instead, to purchase sustainable and eco-friendly condoms, look for terms like vegan, fair-trade, or simply “free of chemicals.”

What to Know About Vegan Condoms

Most traditional latex condoms are made with a dairy-derived powder called casein. If you don’t want animal byproducts in or around your most intimate areas, looking for a condom company that makes certified vegan condoms is essential.

The Importance of Sustainability

Latex comes from rubber trees, which means latex condoms contribute heavily to deforestation, especially in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. In order to purchase latex condoms that are environmentally friendly, look for words like “fair trade,” or “ethically or locally sourced.” 

Transparency matter: If a company isn’t telling you where their rubber comes from, that’s important buyer’s information. Companies that source their rubber and manufacture their condoms ethically will often say so on their website. Look for certifications (like from the Green Business Network or Fair Rubber Association) for additional proof.

Chemical-Free Condoms

When rubber latex is heated from a liquid to a solid, it releases nitrosamines, a known carcinogen that is regulated in some latex products (such as bottle nipples) but not in condoms. Still, it’s possible to make latex without creating nitrosamines. Many vegan or natural condom brands produce their condoms in a way that ensures they are specifically nitrosamine-free, which rocks!

In addition, like with other body, beauty, and household products, a lot of toxic chemicals hide behind phrases like “dyes” or “fragrances” on an ingredient list. Plus, given how condoms are used, additives of any kind can cause needless irritation to the vagina, anus, or mouth. Natural condoms that are free of chemicals protect your body during and after intercourse.

The Bottom Line on Organic Condoms

If you need protection from STIs or pregnancy, a traditional condom is better than no condom at all. The products you’ll find in the healthcare aisle all meet rigorous safety standards. If you are in an emergency situation and looking to make an immediate in-store purchase—or if you can’t afford a slightly more expensive natural condom brand—you can still rest assured that your purchase will serve its intended purpose.

Still, your dollar has power. If you can afford to plan ahead by ordering non-toxic, vegan condoms online, you’ll be making the best consumer purchase for your body, for the planet, all while sending a message to companies that sustainable business practices matter.

Our Research Process

We first started our research process by reading journal articles on the history of condoms to better understand the trends in contraceptives over time. Armed with a bit more understanding, we moved to interviews with gynecologists and sex educators to better understand which sex products from today’s market they recommend and why. Those reads led us to focus on latex options almost exclusively.

Next, we began to research how latex condoms can be ethically, if not organically, crafted. We read about how rubber is made and the different chemicals that can be byproducts of that process. We started winnowing down the many companies looking to revamp sex products by focusing on why they hope to change the industry, and we stumbled on multiple companies who are passionate about the same things we are: sustainable living and ensuring money makes a positive impact. 

That’s how we compiled our list of favorites, paying close attention to customer reviews (both their quality and quantity) for second, third, and fourth opinions. Finally, we hunted for each product in our favorite stores and on our favorite websites to better understand how easy better condoms are to acquire on short notice. No one wants to be caught without a contraceptive when they need and want it most.

  1. GLYDE
  2. Unique
  3. Sustain
  4. Lovability
  5. LOLA
  6. Maude
  8. sex and good.
  9. O’WELL
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  11. Tracy’s Dog
  12. Roman
  13. Bleu

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