2022’s Best Organic Bedding (Including Top Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options)

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Written by Moss Lane Staff

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If you’re choosing a place in your house to invest in non-toxic, eco-friendly, and organic products, your bedroom is a great place to start. The conventional bedding industry is known to incorporate lots of cancer-causing toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to keep their sheets wrinkle-free. 

You might also be ready to transition to bedding that’s not only safe for human health but better on the environment. You can meet both those requirements with organic bedding that’s grown in less environmentally damaging ways, and doesn’t incorporate chemicals you’re sleeping on every night. 

In this guide, we’ve found the absolute best organic and sustainable bedding options for you to consider. 

Best Overall Organic Bedding



Coyuchi is an organic bedding and home brand that offers a variety of loved and trusted bedding sets. 

Coyuchi’s organic bedding stands out because it holds so many different certifications in the bedding industry that mean it’s safe for the environment and for human health. All of their organic cotton is GOTS and Fair Trade certified, and they’re a Made Safe certified brand, meaning their products contain no traces of chemicals and materials that are potentially harmful to human health. 

Coyuchi has lots of high quality bedding, from sheet sets, duvet covers, to organic blankets. They offer both simple, classic colors and light patterns if you want to add a bit of interest to your bedding. Their relaxed linen sheets get the best reviews of their sheet sets, and they pair nicely with the relaxed linen duvet cover. 

They’re also Fair Trade certified and 1% for the Planet participants. We love their Green Story analysis that tells consumers the exact life cycle impact of their organic bedding.

WHat Customers love

  • They’re comfortable for both cold and hot sleepers.
  • They have a great drape and fit the bed really nicely.
  • They look a bit more interesting than your average white cotton sheets.

what Customers don’t love

  • Some users wish they would get softer with more washes. 
  • Some users found that their pillows slip out of the pillowcases. 

Best Sustainable Bedding: Avocado


Best Sustainable



  • 400 or 600 thread count ply weave
  • Best for hot sleepers

If you want sustainable bedding that doesn’t compromise environmental and human health, and supports the rights and safety of workers, Avocado is a great bet. 

Better known as an organic mattress brand, Avocado offers GOTS-certified organic cotton bedding with a 400 or 600 thread count ply weave. They’re also Made Safe certified, meaning you can trust that they don’t contain toxic materials or chemicals, like flame retardants or phthalates. These sheets give off a thin, silky, and cooling feel to your bed, so they’re best for hot sleepers.

Avocado is our best organic and sustainable bedding brand because they hold lots of meaningful certifications that demonstrate their commitment to human, environmental and worker health and safety. They not only hold the organic and non-toxic certifications you might care about, but they’re also a certified carbon negative brand—offsetting more carbon than they generate. We also love that they’re a certified B corp, they participate in 1% for the Planet, and they’re Green Business certified to exceed standards for environmental and worker safety. You can read more about their sustainability efforts in their 2020 impact report

What Customers love

  • They’re the perfect amount of softness while also being crisp and refreshing. 
  • The fitted sheet has a deep pocket so it fits even the thickest mattresses.

What Customers don’t love

  • Some users felt the 600-thread count bedding could be softer. 
  • Some users are frustrated they couldn’t add extra pillowcases to match the rest of the bedding set.

Best Budget Organic Bedding: Sleep Mantra

Best Budget

Sleep Mantra


  • $54.99 for a four piece queen sheet set
  • Affordable but high quality

Brands who invest in offering certified organic cotton from high quality sources can be expensive. If you aren’t willing to shell a couple hundred dollars on organic bedding, there are a few brands offering budget options that are still great. 

Sleep Mantra offers 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sheets in a percale weave for $54.99 for a four piece queen sheet set. The organic bedding is a percale weave that’s meant to keep you feeling crisp and cool, as compared to other cotton, sateen, or flannel options. 

This organic bedding set comes in 9 different colors and gets fantastic reviews on Amazon. They have over 1,800 5-star reviews. Users love that these sheets are affordable but still high quality. They also claim that the percale weave really is crisp and cooling, and they prefer using these sheets in the summer. 

Best Non-Toxic Bedding: Naturepedic 


Best Non-Toxic



  • 400-thread count weave for sateen finish
  • Many reputable non-toxic certifications

A lot of our favorite organic and sustainable bedding options are also non-toxic and safe for your health, but a few brands stand out by holding lots of different trusted non-toxic certifications. 

Naturepedic is a great non-toxic bedding brand that you can trust. They offer a 400-thread count weave made with 100% GOTS certified cotton. Their weave is a sateen finish for a soft, luxurious feel. 

Naturepedic holds a variety of different certifications in the non-toxic and organic space: they’re Made Safe, GREENGUARD Gold, and Zero Toxics certified. We also love how many environmental awards they hold—from their EWG Hero Award to their Organic Trade Association Rising Star award. They also have made a variety of different advocacy commitments, like their 1% for the Planet membership and their partnership with Women’s Voices for the Earth. 

Their organic bedding product is well-reviewed and should work for most sleepers. Customers love that they’re ultra-soft and comfortable, and work particularly well for sensitive skin. 

Runner Up, Best Non-Toxic Bedding: Happsy


Non-Toxic Bedding



  • 300-thread count weave
  • Climate Neutral brand

Happsy is another non-toxic bedding brand that’s a bit smaller but still offers a well-loved and high quality bedding set. Their organic bedding set is made with 100% GOTS certified cotton that has a 300-thread count weave. Happsy’s products are Made Safe, GREENGUARD Gold, and Formaldehyde Free certified. We also love that they’re a Climate Neutral and Green America certified business. 

Happsy offers just one organic bedding set in white, but if you’re looking for a non-toxic bedding brand you can trust, they’re a great bet. Customers also say that they feel soft and luxurious, and they last for a long time. 

Best Organic Cotton Bedding: Boll & Branch


Best Organic Cotton

Boll & Branch


  • 300-thread count percale weave
  • Comes with a deeper pocket for larger mattresses

Boll & Branch makes clean, classic, and well-loved organic cotton bedding. 

Their Signature Hemmed Sheet Set gets the best reviews out of their many different bedding sets, but we also love their patterned organic bedding sets and duvets and quilts. 

If you go with the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set, you’ll be getting 300-thread count weave of 100% GOTS certified and Fair Trade certified organic cotton. They start as a softer weave than percale, but reportedly get softer after multiple washes. This sheet set also comes with a bit of a deeper pocket for larger mattresses, at 17 inches. They’re a great versatile organic bedding option that will work for any season. 

Boll & Branch is a brand that’s committed to ethical manufacturing. According to their site, their investment in Fair Trade cotton has kept 12,800 farmers in India out of debt, and they’ve paid nearly $500,000 in additional wages to ensure their farmers and factory workers are paid a fair wage. You can read about these sustainable investments and more in their 2020 impact report

Boll & Branch’s organic bedding also get great customer reviews. The signature set gets over 9,000 reviews for an overall score of 4.9 stars out of 5. Customers love that they’re soft and they wash well. 

Best Organic Flannel Bedding: Looma


Best Organic Flannel



  • Soft and plush weave

Looma offers organic bedding in all weaves, but they stand out by having a particularly well-reviewed organic flannel bedding option. 

Their flannel sheet set is made from 100% GOTS certified organic and Fair Trade certified long-staple cotton. The weave is soft and plush, so it’s a good winter bedding option. The two color options are light or dark grey, and they pair well with their other organic bedding pieces, like their patterned organic bed throws. These sheets are also certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, so you know they’ve been tested to be harmless for human health. 

Looma as a brand is dedicated to supporting the communities that grow their organic cotton. For every Looma set sold, Looma funds a month of education for girls in Rajasthan, India (where they grow their cotton). 

Looma’s organic flannel sheets get over 750 5-star reviews. Customers love that the sheets are cozy and soft but still feel light and cooling. 

Best Organic Linen Bedding: Primary Goods


Best Organic Linen

Primary Goods


  • Duvet cover and top sheet snap

Primary Goods is a linen-only organic bedding brand that offers a really well loved linen sheet set.

They offer the Primary Set that’s an organic linen duvet cover and top sheet, or the Complete Set that comes with the duvet cover, top sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow shams. At $349 for the Primary Set and $449 for the Complete Set, Primary Goods is a bit more expensive than most organic bedding brands (but that’s the nature of linen bedding, especially organic linen bedding). 

Primary Goods’ linen bedding is made with GOTS certified cotton sourced from Volckerinckhove, France. They’re also OEKO-Tex certified to be harmless to human health. One feature that sets this organic linen bedding apart from the rest of the market is their duvet cover and top sheet snap feature. Both pieces of bedding snap together to keep everything in place while you sleep.

The Primary Goods organic linen bedding set gets almost 17,000 5-star reviews. Customers love that the snap feature makes it super easy to make the bed each morning, and claim that the bedding is high quality and soft. 

Best Bamboo Bedding: Cariloha


Best Bamboo



  • Made from 100% viscose from bamboo
  • Cooler than most cotton bedding
  • Carbon-neutral business

If you’re looking for eco-friendly bedding, bamboo is a great material to filter your search for. Generally speaking, bamboo is considered a bit more sustainable because it grows quickly and often doesn’t require fertilization, irrigation, or pesticides—giving it an overall lower carbon footprint. 

Within the bamboo category, Cariloha offers great eco-friendly bedding products. Their bamboo sheets come in a few different weaves—a classic weave, sateen weave, percale weave, and a soft weave. The classic weave gets the best reviews, but the sateen is a close second. The classic weave bamboo bedding set is made from 100% viscose from bamboo. It’s like a classic cotton weave, but a little softer. They’re also a bit cooler than most cotton bedding. 

Cariloha’s eco-friendly bedding set gets over 3,000 5-star reviews. Customers love that they’re really durable and high quality (one customer uses her set from eight years ago and it looks brand new). 

We also love that Cariloha is a 100% carbon-neutral business. 

Best Organic Jersey Bedding: Pact


Best Organic Jersey



  • Soft and comfortable
  • GOTS certified and Fair Trade cotton

If you love an extra cozy, comfortable bedding set that isn’t as warm as flannel, an organic cotton jersey set could be a good fit. 

One of the most well-loved organic cotton clothing brands, Pact, also offers an organic cotton bedding option with a jersey weave. Their Favorite Tee Sheet Set is just like a soft cotton t-shirt, made out of 100% GOTS certified and Fair Trade organic cotton. It comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases, and their color options pair great with one of Pact’s organic cotton duvet covers. Their Room Service duvet cover is particularly well-reviewed (and made out of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, too). 

The Favorite Tee Sheet Set gets over 200 5-star reviews. Customers love that they’re soft and comfortable but also high quality. A few customers have noted that the extra deep pockets fit a mattress really well. 

Pact also gives you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your shipping, and they ship in reusable bags.

Best Organic Sateen Bedding: Ettitude


Best Organic Sateen



  • 100% organic bamboo fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and STANDARD-100 by OEKO-Tex certified

Ettitude’s Signature Sateen Sheet Set is also made out of 100% organic bamboo fabric, but in a silkier and softer weave. 

The sateen weave is almost comparable to silk in its smooth and cooling nature. Ettitude claims that the feel is equivalent to a 1000-thread count cotton fabric. Ettitude’s sateen bedding set is hypoallergenic, and it’s STANDARD-100 by OEKO-Tex certified, meaning it’s been tested to have no traces of harmful chemicals or substances. 

This organic bedding set comes in lots of fun colors, and has two striped pattern options. It gets over 2,000 reviews. Customers love how luxurious they feel, and that they keep them cool at night. 

We also love how committed Ettitude is to building a sustainable brand. Not only are they investing in eco-friendly bedding via their bamboo textile manufacturing, they’ve also committed to becoming a carbon neutral brand for their 2020 emissions and are on track to be a Certified B Corp in 2021. You can read more about their sustainability commitments in their 2020 impact report

Runner Up, Best Organic Sateen Bedding: SOL Organics


Organic Sateen

SOL Organics


  • 300 thread count weave that’s soft with a sheen

SOL Organics is a trusted brand in the organic bedding and mattress space, and they offer another great organic sateen bedding set. 

Their Hemmed Organic Sheets are made with 100% GOTS-certified and Fair Trade certified organic cotton, and are weaved into a 300 thread count weave. They’re soft and silky, and have a bit of a sheen. They’re also made with long staple cotton, which they claim make the sheets more durable and last longer. 

They get almost 200 5-star reviews, and customers love that they feel luxurious and soft but are relatively affordable. 

Best Patterned Organic Bedding: Plover Organics


Best Patterned

Plover Organics


  • 300-thread count weave
  • Machine-washable sheets

If you’re looking for organic bedding that can add a bit of flair to your rooms, Plover Organics offers beautiful printed bedding of all sorts. 

All of their bedding is made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with a 300-thread count weave. They’re also all machine-washable, which isn’t always the case with bright, printed bedding. Plover’s method of dyeing also fully adheres to the standards by OEKO-Tex, so you can feel good about the safety of the materials they use. 

You can either buy sheet sets or separate quilts and duvets, or go for their organic bedding bundle. All you have to choose is a color scheme, and they’ll send you a duvet, bedspread, and sheet set. They have lots of colors and patterns, but we love the Teal & Green bedroom bundle. 

Plover Organics is also a women-owned brand that partners with Save the Children to donate blankets to vulnerable children and babies. Their factory is also audited by Business Social Compliance Initiative to ensure they have ethical working conditions. 

Our Research Process

We started our research for the best organic and sustainable bedding by first understanding the certifications the most trusted organic bedding companies typically hold. 

In the world of organic textiles, we found that the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading certification in the industry. The GOTS certification means that the cotton has been farmed in a way that maintains the soil fertility without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. It also means that any use of animals in the farming process has met certain welfare standards, and at no point does the farming process use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

It’s very easy to find “organic” bedding that doesn’t hold this certification. Those brands might indeed be practicing organic farming, but it’s best to look for GOTS-certified brands if you want to be sure about the integrity of their organic process. 

There are other certifications common to the organic bedding and mattress space that we paid attention to, too. Most of them are non-toxic certifications, like Made Safe, Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex, or GREENGUARD Gold. These are important to consider when you’re trying to avoid the chemical off gassing often present in conventional bedding. 

We also considered what might make a bedding brand considered eco-friendly or sustainable bedding. In that, we looked for two things. First, we wanted to consider the textile materials used. All fabric materials come with their own list of issues, but we considered both bamboo and linen an eco-friendly material, because they require fewer pesticides and fertilizer to grow. They also consume less water and grow more quickly than cotton. We also considered initiatives or commitments a bedding brand could make to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible—like committing to carbon neutrality, becoming a Certified B Corp, participating in recycling programs, reducing water use and waste, and so on. 

Once we understood what would make a bedding brand organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable, we then turned to the brands. We looked for organic bedding that had the absolute best reviews from customers. At Moss Lane, we firmly believe that purchases that are better for the environment and human health don’t have to be a compromise for quality. 

In that search, we considered:

  1. Avocado
  2. Coyuchi
  3. Elkie & Ark 
  4. Ettitude
  5. SOL Organics
  6. Plover Organics
  7. Bear
  8. Nest Bedding
  9. Buffy
  10. Brentwood Home
  11. Naturepedic
  12. Happsy
  13. Pact
  14. Grund America
  15. Bhumi
  16. Boll & Branch
  17. Under the Canopy
  18. Anna Sova
  19. Cariloha
  20. West Elm
  21. Snowe
  22. Pottery Barn
  23. The Citizenry
  24. Linoto
  25. Cozy Earth
  26. Looma
  27. Sleep Mantra
  28. Primary Goods
  29. Parachute
  30. Savvy Rest
  31. Coop Home Goods
  32. Whisper Organics
  33. The Beach People
  34. Mulberry Threads Co. 
  35. Square Flower
  36. Lily & Mortimer
  37. Organics & More
  38. Ecosophy
  39. Urban Collective

Learn more about our best organic mattress and best organic sheets picks to round out your bedrooms with the best organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. 


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