Best (and Cutest!) Organic Baby Clothes Brands and Outfits

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As a parent, you’re extremely conscious about everything you expose your child to. That is one of the many reasons that the demand for organic baby clothes is on the rise. Whether concerned about the toxic chemicals used to grow some of the fibers found in non-organic clothes, or even the exposure to plastics, it’s increasingly becoming a priority for parents.

Organic textiles are considered more eco-friendly, as well, so for households going green, shopping for organic baby clothes – if within budget – is a smart move.

But there are hundreds of organic baby clothes brands, so knowing where and how to shop can be overwhelming. We did the research to find the best and most trusted organic baby clothes brands, as well as highlight a few stand-out pieces from those that didn’t make our top spots.

Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands

Best Overall


Under the Nile

Under the Nile is a mom-founded brand whose original intent was to create clothes that wouldn’t irritate her child’s skin. The company that was born, however, didn’t just prioritize using organic cotton, but also wanted to produce products ethically and sustainably. 

Under the Nile cotton is grown biodynamically, where the focus is on the farm itself being self-sustaining. They follow ethical manufacturing practices, offering fair wages and safe working conditions to their workers, and are very active in supporting the local community near their farm and factory.

Their clothes are GOTS certified, carry the Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton, and are Fair Trade Certified. Their cotton is also certified through the NOP.

What parents love:

  • Long lasting. These organic cotton baby clothes are easy to keep for future siblings as the fabric is so durable.
  • How soft the fabric is.

What parents don’t love:

  • The price. In general, organic options can be more expensive, but this is one of the higher priced brands. 

Runner-Ups By Category

Best Organic Newborn Clothes


  • GOTS-certified organic cotton and natural, non-toxic dyes

Mini Mioche is a kids brand that is made from start to finish in Toronto, Canada. The brand utilizes GOTS-certified organic cotton. Their organic newborn baby clothes utilize natural, non-toxic dyes. The brand emphasizes sustainable manufacturing and fair wages for their employees. They do not utilize plastic in their shipping and everything they use both in and out of products is made from recycled materials and can also be recycled. 

While they have so many beautiful, simply designed organic cotton baby clothes, they’re our pick for best organic cotton newborn clothes as they have a wonderful collection just for newborns.

Best Organic Baby Boy Clothes



  • GOTS and Fair Trade certified cotton
  • Packaging made of PCR, 100% recyclable, and biodegradable material

Pact is a clothing line made from GOTS certified organic cotton. In addition to this, their factories are Fair Trade Certified. Their paper packaging is made primarily from post-recycled consumer materials and is 100% recyclable and their plastic bags that hold the clothing are biodegradable. They also offer a carbon offset shipping program.

While their inventory isn’t vast, and they have clothing options that work for all babies, like this footie set, along with many other wardrobe staples, Pact is a great starting place for your baby boy due to the simplicity and versatility of their pieces.

Best Organic Baby Girl Clothes



  • GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton

Hanna Andersson was founded with an emphasis on clothes that last and therefore can easily be handed down. Hanna Andersson uses organic cotton and is GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified. Their goal is, by the end of 2021, to have all of their outerwear made from recycled materials. All Hanna Andersson partners must commit to their Code of Conduct, which accounts for things like fair wages and safe working conditions for employees.

Hanna Andersson’s clothes are bright and unique, making them a perfect option for all babies. Their organic cotton baby girl clothes collection is particularly adorable, whether you want something more feminine like this bloomer set or something more neutral like this pineapple sleeper.

Best Modern Organic Baby Clothes



  • Affordable
  • Only some GOTS certified organic cotton

Kate Quinn offers endless options for affordable, fashionable styles for your baby. However, not all of Kate Quinn’s products use GOTS certified organic cotton. You will want to specifically focus on their organic cotton collections to ensure you’re getting certified organic cotton when shopping on their site. They also offer some collections that utilize bamboo. 

From panda pants to flare pants to henley tees, you can find hundreds of unique pieces across the Kate Quinn website.

Best Organic Baby Clothes Made in the USA



  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn
  • GOTS certified organic cotton

Winter Wear Factory is a brand we first discovered in stores and were immediately taken by their unique and adorable designs. This brand is both designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York. Their clothes are made with 100% organic cotton and made in the USA. The cotton used to make their clothes is GOTS certified organic cotton. However, the clothes are not certified as they’re made in factories in the US that are not GOTS certified factories.

Best Soft Organic Baby Clothes



  • Made from bamboo
  • Made at a family-owned business in China

Kyte Baby is a line made exclusively from bamboo – a sustainable resource many shoppers seek out (as it requires much less time and water to grow when compared to cotton, and uses minimal pesticides). Bamboo, as a textile, is known for being unbelievably soft and cool. Kyte is a family-owned business, sourced and manufactured (in their family’s factory) in China.

Kyte Baby’s organic bamboo baby clothes are particularly popular for pajamas and other overnight products, as parents worry about overheating during the night. 

Our Favorite Organic Baby Outfits

While the brands above stand-out as being leaders in quality, options, and sustainability in organic baby clothes, you still have dozens of wonderful options outside of those highlighted above. To take a closer look, we highlighted some stand out pieces from other top companies on our list. 

This Organic Baby Onesie from Colored Organics



  • GOTS certified organic cotton with non-toxic dyes

Colored Organics offers a selection of great basic organic cotton baby onesies in gorgeous colors to be staples in your baby’s wardrobe. These onesies use 100% GOTS certified cotton and non-toxic dyes. They also offer organic newborn onesies (sometimes this size can be hard to find). 

These Organic Baby Rompers from Oeuf



  • GOTS certified Pima Cotton
  • 100% baby Alpaca wool

It’s hard to pick just one romper from Oeuf, so you can get a good sense of their offering by checking out this embroidered terry romper, this striped romper, and this square romper. Depending on the piece, Oeuf utilizes 100% GOTS certified Pima cotton or 100% baby Alpaca wool.

This Organic Baby Bodysuit from Primary Organics



  • GOTS certified organic cotton

Primary Organics offers affordable, basic bodysuits to help build your baby’s wardrobe off of. These bodysuits are made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton.

This Organic Baby Gown from Cat & Dogma



  • GOTS certified organic cotton

The bee gown from Cat & Dogma is just about as cute as it gets. We really love the side-snap closures on this design and fold-over scratch mittens, too. Functional and adorable! Cat & Dogma’s entire supply chain is certified through GOTS – including their use of 100% organic cotton.

This Organic Baby Kimono from L’oved Baby



  • 100% GOTS certified cotton

L’oved Baby offers kimonos in short and long sleeves in beautiful pastel colors. We really love the Seafoam version. The kimonos are made with 100% GOTS certified cotton, has fold-over mittens, and can be wrapped around your baby instead of pulled over the head.

Shopping by Organic Baby Clothes Brands

If you prefer to shop in store for your organic baby clothes, your best bet is to look for a brand like Burt’s Bees or Lamaze at a store like Target. However, as you can see from our research, there are dozens of clothing lines selling organic baby clothes. You’ll probably have good luck going to a local boutique that sells smaller brands. As you’re searching, look specifically for the GOTS certification, or other certifications like EcoCert, Oeko-Tex, Cradle 2 Cradle, or Fair Trade Certified. Smaller brands sometimes cannot afford to go through a full certification process, so also keep out for items that state to be made from 100% organic fibers. 

Organic Baby Clothes Buying Guide

The first question you may have is whether or not it is essential to buy organic clothing for your child. The short answer is that it is ultimately up to you and your own personal priorities, but let’s dive a bit into what organic clothing means.

Organic clothing is made from materials that are grown using organic agricultural standards. You can dive deeper into what those standards are here, but to summarize, these are materials produced without GMOs, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. In addition, the agricultural practices utilized in the production process are focused on improving environmental quality, such as maintaining soil fertility. 

As with all things organic, the debate on how environmentally friendly they are is a good one. At its core, organic farming is better for the environment. But where it gets complicated is that it can take a lot more land to produce organic materials, and organic crops have lower yields, which can in turn require more resources to meet demand. So, this leaves you as the consumer to decide for yourself. We believe it is better to buy organic if your budget allows for it, but be sure to to adopt other practices (particularly around consumption) alongside it. Buy less, wear less, wash less.

Additionally, if you’re shopping for organic cotton baby clothes, be careful of brands that can claim to be organic but may not be backed by organic certifications. If you’re going to make the investment, you want to be sure you’re getting a certified product where possible. At minimum, ensure the fibers themselves are certified. 


Our Research Process

We started our research on organic baby clothes brands by referencing the reviews, materials, manufacturing and packaging for most top organic players in the space, which included:

  1. 12|12
  2. Ade + Ayo
  3. Apple Park
  4. Art & Eden
  5. Baby Hero
  6. BabySoy
  7. Beya Made
  8. Boden
  9. Boody
  10. Burt’s Bees Baby
  11. CastleWare Baby
  12. Cat & Dogma
  13. Colored Organics
  14. Cuddle & Kind
  15. DorDor & GorGor
  16. Edanzoo
  17. Fin & Vince
  18. Finn + Emma
  19. Frugi
  20. Giggle Better
  21. Go Gently
  22. Hanna Andersson
  23. Hope and Henry
  24. Jamie Kay
  25. Jazzy Organics
  26. Jennifer Ann
  27. Kate Quinn Organics
  28. KicKee Pants
  29. Kid Wild
  30. Kyte Baby
  31. L’ovedbaby
  32. Lamaze
  33. Le Petit Organic
  34. Living Crafts
  35. Lucy Lue
  36. Makemake
  37. Me O My Earth
  38. MilkBarn
  39. Mini + Meep
  40. Mini Mioche
  41. Monica + Andy
  42. Moon and Back
  43. Mori
  44. Nui Organics
  45. Oeuf
  46. Pact
  47. Parade Organics
  48. Penguin Organics
  49. Piccalilly
  50. Primary
  51. Quincy Mae
  52. Roux
  53. Satva
  54. SoftBaby
  55. Sustain by Kat
  56. Tenth & Pine
  57. The Good Tee
  58. Touched by Nature
  59. Under the Nile
  60. Wild Wawa
  61. Winter Wear Factory
  62. Yinibini Baby

We looked for companies that primarily utilized certified organic cotton fabrics, although there were some companies who stood out for using other sustainable fabrics, such as bamboo. From there, we referenced our own personal experience with these brands, our community’s experience, and user reviews, to see which brands delighted parents the most. Following that, we looked for other ways a brand stand-out, such as sustainable packaging or a Fair Trade certification. By looking at these brands through each one of these lenses, we were able to create our comprehensive review list above.

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  11. Winter Water Factory Customer Service
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